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Single Storey Side Return Extension-Planning Permission

Includes 3D Laser Survey

Please Note: Our side return extension package is based on the width of the side extension not exceeding half the width of the original house

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Size of your existing property *

Please provide the estimated size of your existing property, this is used to calculate the time spent on site for your Survey and the drawing time to produce your existing pans and elevations. (if after your survey, your property is proven to be larger or smaller than you estimate, we will invoice or credit you acordingly)

Number of stories. *

Please provide the number of stories excluding Loft conversions and cellars

Is your property any of the following? *

Is your property in any of the following categories.:
Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Green Belt.
(If Yes you will need A Design & Access/Heritage Statement)

Pay a deposit of £350.00 per item

Frequently Bought Together

Single Storey wraparound extension+
Price for both:   £1,800.00


Your Planning Permission Package Includes, a full internal 3D Laser Survey, your Planning Permission Drawings and your Submission.

The Package is divided in to 3  Stages & Payments as follows:

Stage 1. 

A deposit is payable when requesting your 3D Survey & placing your order.

Included in Stage 1.

• 3D Laser Scan Full Measured Survey (full optimised 3D laser scan of your existing building)

• Photographic Survey (full Photo-fixation survey of your existing building)

• Existing Floor Plans scaled at 1:100

Your existing floor plans are sent to you for your approval prior to moving to Stage 2.

50% or your remaining order balance is required prior to moving to Stage 2.

Stage 2.

Included in Stage 2.

• Existing Plans and Elevations scaled at 1:100 

• OS Mapping Site Location Plan Scaled at 1:1250

• OS Mapping Site Block Plan Scaled at 1:200

• 3D Visualisation Modelling, Existing

Your plans are sent to you for your approval prior to moving to Stage 3.

the remaining order balance is required prior to moving to Stage 3.

Stage 3.

Included in Stage 3.

• Proposed Plans and Elevations scaled at 1:100

• 3D Visualisation Modelling, Proposed

• Changes to your draft proposed layout drawings

• All relevant forms completed including CIL

• Submit your Application on your behalf (council fees not included)

• Act as your Agent (Until a Decision Notice is Awarded)

• Advise on Structural Engineers to obtain specialist structural calculations if required (Structural Engineers fees separate and start from just £95)

• Design & Access Statement (If required)

Your plans are sent to you for your approval prior to submission. 


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