Home Extensions

Home Extensions

A Well designed home extensions can transform any home by maximising the footprint and adding value!


Your first steps should be to consider what you want to change about your property. This will form a good brief for your home extension project. At this stage it’s best not to focus too much on the specific ideas you think you want to pursue. It is better to say you need another bedroom and a bigger kitchen, rather than you want to extend the ground floor, on the right hand side, next to the current kitchen. When you can clearly state what you want your extension to give you, we can provide the professional advice you need to make it happen. The best layout for your extension may not be what you first thought.

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Side Return Extension
A side return extension stretches your home into an alley way at the side of your house. This is often a relatively small extension but it can have a great impact on the look and feel of your property.
Wrap-around Extension
This is a side return extension combined with a rear extension. The wrap around extension can provide maximum space and dramatically alter the feeling and shape of your home.
Rear Extensions
As the name suggests, rear extensions extend out from the back of your property and are typically carried out on properties where there is no side return option or on detached properties. They extend the size of your kitchen and can usually include a dining or living space in addition.
Double Storey Extensions
Two storey home extensions cost more than other varieties as the building work would need to be completed on two levels and there is double the space to work on. However, on the plus side a huge amount of space is opened up meaning that you could potentially add a bigger or additional living space as well as an extra bedroom.
A typical brief for house extensions should include:
Reasons why you may want to extend:
• Need an extra bedroom
• Main bedroom needs an en-suite
• Kitchen is too small
• The garage is largely under utilised
Essential requirements:
• Need an independent annexe
• More open space for entertaining
• We like contemporary light spaces